Maggie’s House is the continuing effort to develop permanent homes in the Chattahoochee Valley to serve adults with Intellectual and developmental disabilities.  
Maggie’s House is not a group or host home that takes in disabled adults.  Maggie’s House is the home of the individual designed to fill the needs of the person and enable that person to live as an independent adult to the maximum of his/her ability.    

The residents of Maggie’s House live together with their caregivers as a family, pursuing their individual daily activities and sharing the household activities as any family does.

Maggie’s House will create and provide homes and workplaces where people with and without intellectual disabilities live and work together as peers; create inclusive communities of faith and friendship; and transform society through relationships that cross social boundaries.

To learn more about Maggie’s House or to become part of our efforts, email
info@maggieshouse.org or call 706-304-4457

Tax-deductible contributions may be made to:
 Maggie’s House, Inc
Post Office Box 2046
Fortson, GA 31808

Our Mission Is To:

Provide a secure and permanent home for our core members;

Make known the gifts of people who have intellectual disabilities, revealed through mutually transforming relationships;

Foster an environment in community that responds to the changing needs of our members in the atmosphere of a family;

Engage in our diverse cultures, working together toward a more human society; and

Be a positive influence in our neighborhood and community.


Robert “Bob” Spano		Chairman
Gerald Wieczorek		Vice-chair and CFO
Rachel MacLeod		Secretary
Susan Wieczorek, NP		Medical services
Craig “AJ” Apiag
William Oliver
Kimberly Schilke
Barbara Fusilier
IDD Representatives
Danny Spano		
Kristy Fuselier	
Text Box: Many companies have a matching grant program and will match a part or all of an employees donation to Maggie’s House.  Ask you employer when you donate to Maggie’s House.

Help build Maggie’s House.  All donations are tax deductible.

We welcome your insights on available property:

If you, or someone you know, has a property that will meet our needs, please let  us know.  We would also gratefully receive a home or property gifted to Maggie’s House.  A property gifted to Maggie’s House would mean a lasting legacy of love.  This home would be a permanent monument of  acceptance and

belonging for adults with

developmental disabilities.