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Our Lady of Rose Hill Ministries, Inc. is a Catholic organization, dedicated to carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to "go out and make disciples of all nations" as found in Matt. 28:18


Our Lady of Rose Hill Ministries is a supporter and partner of Maggie’s House.

Our Lady of Rosehill Ministries was established 14 years ago to serve the poor and marginalized through the living of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in daily life.  We have brought people from Nigeria for medical treatment, bring medical treatment to undocumented immigrants, provided funding on emergency basis for shelter, donated clothing, taught immigrants to read and write their natal languages and English also.  We have served 50,000 meals as well.  We evaluate what the Lord puts before us in the light of the works of mercy and Catholic Social teaching.  


The works of mercy are:

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Corporal Works of Mercy:


¨ Feed the hungry

¨ Give drink to the thirsty

¨ Clothe the naked

¨ Shelter the homeless

¨ Comfort the imprisoned

¨ Visit the sick and confined

¨ Bury the dead

Spiritual Works of Mercy:


¨ Admonish sinners

¨ Instruct the uninformed

¨ Counsel the doubtful

¨ Comfort the sorrowful

¨ Bear wrongs patiently

¨ Forgive offenses

¨ Pray for others

7 Pillars of Catholic Social Teaching:

¨ Life and dignity of every human being from natural conception to natural death

¨ Call to Family, community and participation

¨ Rights and responsibilities 

¨ Preferential Option for the poor and vulnerable 

¨ Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers

¨ Solidarity 

¨ Care for God's Creation

¨ You can see how Maggie's House fits in several of these!  


Our ministry stands in solidarity with those with intellectual disabilities in living our vocation to serve them through Maggie's House.  

 Maggie’s House, Inc

641 Cusseta Hwy

Box Springs, GA 31801


Post Office Box 2046

Fortson, GA 31808

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